If you are interested in the Reindeer attending your event, please check out the information below and download our Terms & Conditions Here.


Length of Event Midweek Date Weekend Date Santa
1 Hour Event £300 £350 £40
2 Hour Event £400 £450 £50
3 Hour Event £500 £550 £60
4 Hour Event £600 £650 £70
4 to 6 hours £800 £850 £100
Over 45 Minutes Travelling (Each way) £25 per ½ hour

Each rate includes Reindeer & handlers in costume, fuel, transport & transport time of up to 45 minutes, food & water for the animals, a pen for the animals, risk assessments & PL insurance.


Please email any enquiries to or

Call the Chief Reindeer Elf on 07469 240 334


PLEASE NOTE: The Reindeer Trips will be run via Yorks Wonderland Ltd although staff will be Branded as The Reindeer House.


Where have our Reindeer been?!

Our Reindeer have been a lot of interesting places over the years…  Here are some examples of a few events…

Minster FM Charity Song

Radio 2’s Christmas Breakfast Show Special at Bishopthorpe Palace

ITV Weather with Text Santa – It looks like Rain Dear!

BBC Radio York

BBC News